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SAE 2013 Brake Show


NOF METAL COATINGS NORTH AMERICA will be exhibiting at the SAE 2013 BRAKE SHOW to educate engineers of many industries about our anti-corrosion coatings for braking systems.

The event will be hosted at the Sawgrass Marriott in Jacksonville, Florida on Oct 6-9, 2013.

Our GEOMET® coating solution for rotors have been specially formulated to protect brake discs against corrosion. The brake disc surface can be completely treated with our coatings at a thin layer, still providing high performances without any influence on braking characteristics. Our chrome-free GEOMET® coatings are comprised of a water-based dispersion of zinc and aluminum flakes.  

Characteristics and performances for our rotor coatings include:

• Cosmetic protection for visual appearance
• Unaffected braking performance
• Thermal resistance (400°C) 
• Protection inside the vents 
• Aftermarket availability
• Enhanced corrosion protection 
• Chemical and acid resistance
• Color options

More than 40 million brake discs are coated with our environmentally friendly GEOMET® coatings every year.
For more information, please visit our booth located at booth 413.

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GEOMET® is a registered trademark of NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP.

Other news

China Wind Power Exhibition


NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP has taken part in the CHINA WIND POWER 2012 Exhibition, held in Beijing from 15 to 17 of November 2012



NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP has developed thin layer anti-corrosion coatings that provide worldwide wind power companies with an alternative for protecting fasteners.